About YSR

About YSR

What’s YSR? – YSR is not a typical “raising awareness" event; we not only aim to educate youth about their societal role and how to positively contribute to their society, we call to action, and lead them right away!
YSR Summit creates initiatives that support society and contribute to its wellbeing through empowering the sense of responsibility of youth. YSR Summit directs and leads social initiatives to be applied on-ground and make a real-life story of achievements.
In order to do so, we team up 3 players that are keys for such successful initiatives. Energetic youngsters who are willing to put on the time and effort for the society's good, leaders who mentor, influence, and come up with valuable movements to lead the youngsters where they can add value, and Companies and institutions willing to support and fund social contributions,
YSR Summit is held annually. Last year was beyond amazing and successful. This year it'll be held at the Greek campus on April 11st 2020 for the first round, and the second station will be on Alex library on 27th June. Register now to join the YSR and get the opportunity to add value, make a difference, and have fun too!


YSR Summit offers the medium to create social contributions by connecting youngsters, leaders, and supporting entities on one ground. To promote social contributions and empower the sense of social responsibility in youth by giving them the opportunity to present new ideas for the purpose of developing their social standards. And let these initiatives be on the sight of corporates and businessmen that are willing and able to provide support and transform ideas into reality


To be the largest summit dedicated to creating initiatives for social wellness across Egypt, through the encouragement of younger generations and utilization of their potential and commitment toward building their community and adding value.