To be a storyteller, one must first and foremost have a love and passion for the characters in the story and be able to communicate that to the listener. One must also understand the story deeply, what happened before? what happened next? Why is this or that important? And when that story is about a great ancient civilization like Ancient Egypt, you need more than a little audacity, too.

Noura Khedr is such a storyteller. A communicator of the story of the Ancient Egyptians of the highest order. Born and raised in Cairo, she developed a love of the art, architecture, and history of her ancestors and their lives. Noura graduated as an Egyptologist from the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels “ Guiding department” And this is when she started sharing her passion with others as an Egyptologist to the sites all over Egypt.
Her expertise and enthusiasm made her the obvious choice for the documentary, “Obelisk”, that showed the reach of the Egyptian obelisk throughout the world and the passion and admiration of the world for Egypt. For her work on this film, she was honored with an award by President El-Sissy at the World Youth Forum in 2019.