Brief info

CEO of iBusiness - Business Development
has years of experience in assisting individuals and companies in developing their work system and creating stronger opportunities within the Egyptian and Arab working environment, and working to achieve a level of professional performance.
- An innovator in many pioneering events. During 10 years he presented a series of lectures and training activities inside and outside Egypt in the behavioral economy and entrepreneurship, and he has many professional training programs.
- Has several books in support and development of individuals and institutions and achieved good sales.
- Sherif Saeed studied information systems, and got an MBA in economics.
- He has been a guest at many international conferences and events and guest in many television programs.
Sherif is an entrepreneur who has a passion for work and development and seeks to develop the business environment and focuses his attention on several service projects in the field of management and entrepreneurship.
He taught as a free lecturer in administration and economics in many Egyptian and Arab universities (Jordan, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates).