Brief info

Yasser Ghallab, a young inspiring and enthusiastic professional; fills the role of Head of Performance Channels, Delivery Hero Middle East (Otlob), and Formally B2B Product Manager at Vodafone. Yasser isn’t only responsible for Digital Marketing, Customer Value management, and Partnerships at Otlob, but he is also an international trainer who trained more than 21 nationalities from more than 4 continents.
Formally Yasser was leading the business development department and Vodafone International services, and that was the last stop of his journey at Vodafone where he Joined in 2006 as VAS engineer, then promoted to a senior position, then decided to join the marketing team and Online Senior Team leader, and in few years he became B2B Online Products manager.
Yasser wasn’t only focusing on the professional side on his life, but he kept learning and got various academic and professional certificates. Specially after finishing his Master’s in Business back in 2010
Yasser believes that people capabilities are infinite, hopes are endless and future can be shaped by youth hands, that makes him always keen to develop younger generations, by either providing them motivational and technical speeches or in his part time job as Tutor at the American University in Cairo (AUC).
Even though, Yasser is a family man, Yasser believes that knowledge can only be gained by sharing, that motivated him to join multiple consultancies firms to support startups and businesses to grow; where he made consultancies for more than 30 companies; local and international.